It’s Tuesday

Boxer and Sydney are playing in the picture. It’s Tuesday afternoon and the big dogs are stretching their legs and taking care of business. They’ll probably get to eat dinner early since we have a Crime Watch/Neighborhood Meeting to attend.

It’s been a grey day today – raining mostly. But that’s a good thing – of course, more doggie cleanup is required – the pooches haven’t learned how to wipe their feet and dry themselves off.

We were watching Dogtown about the Michael Vick dogs and they used a cd called “Laughing Dogs” to calm down some dogs. It was quite interesting and the first time we had heard of this. We’re probably going to get the cd and try it with Peanut. Maybe it will help calm her down – especially at night when she gets so anxious.

I must amend my previous post about the bird murder. I may have blamed a cat for a murder it did not commit. Let’s be clear, however, that I stand behind every word I wrote – except for it being a cat that committed the murder. Let me explain.

As I was sitting on the deck with Peanut Saturday afternoon, out of nowhere, a hawk suddenly swooped down and chased one of the birds at the feeder. The bird did get away and the hawk flew away through the trees. It would make perfect sense for the hawk to have murdered this particular bird because of the way it was gored and ripped apart. I have never seen this kind of death by a cat. It was quite amazing and interesting to watch and it happened so fast.

I must now go check on the dogs – Boxer likes to eat grass and then throw it up and I don’t need a mess to clean up this evening.

Later Gators.

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