Habana Vieja

After a restful night, we were ready to embark upon our first of two tours. There were more available but we wanted to be able to spend some unscripted time while in Cuba.

Johanna was our guide to Habana Vieja.

Johanna spoke excellent English and was a very informative guide to Old Havana.

Along the way, we encountered the Giganterìa – street performers on stilts.

Notice the young girl in the forefront? Every act expected tips. This is how they make their living.

Although Cuba is a socialist country, the government has been encouraging some capitalism at the small business level. One example of this is a paladar or paladares (plural). It is an independent private or family run restaurant. We ate at many and they were very good.

We asked our guide, Johanna, for a recommendation while in Old Havana and she suggested “La Moneda Cubana”.

Restaurant is on the third floor.
Food was good…and so were the mojitos!

Cuba is an international city – lots of tourists everywhere. The menu reflects such.

The price is in CUC – Cuban Convertible Pesos – this is one of two currencies in Cuba.
Churros – yummo!

TC’s bucket list included enjoying an authentic Cuban churro. Even Miriam concluded this was the best churro she had ever eaten. I had to agree. It was awesome. Who knew churros could be so good?

Here is a short little video with the sights and sounds of the city.