New Baby

Kala All Solid Spruce/Mahogany Tenor (KA-ASMHG-T)

We introduced a new little one to the family. She joins her sister Luna below.

Luna Tribal Tenor Uke Mahogany

The ukulele is such a fun instrument to play! It’s so easy to learn. It was just a fluke that in May 2019 my spouse went to Puerto Rick on a family vacation and I, staying home with the pooch, and wanting to noodle around with something, went to a Guitar Center here in town and bought the Luna shown above right off the shelf. It was the only tenor they had in the store. Guitar Center seems to be a sad store. They didn’t even have replacement strings in stock.

Fast forward to over a year later and I’ve just bought my first quality uke. Once you progress so far, your skills and ear demand a better instrument. My new uke is still in the beginner/intermediate range but it plays and sounds so much better.

I bought my new uke from The Ukulele Site. I’ve been following their YouTube channel for a while. The channel is named Hawaiian Music Supply. They regularly demo their ukes and showcase some talented musicians.

I’m so excited to continue my uke playing with this new baby.

But what about classical guitar, you ask? I passed my Grade 2 exam in April of this year and decided to take a break. I will start working on Grade 3 very soon. It will take a year to prepare for and I am currently mapping out a plan.

Happy July to all my dear readers!


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