Back in Key West

All good vacations must come to an end. Ours ended in Key West from whence it began. The trip back from Cuba took a little longer than anticipated. When you’re a sailboat and you’re trying to sail north but the wind is coming from the north your progress is slow. For us it was 31 hours slow. We left Cuba at 1:15pm on a Friday. The next morning we were happy to see the sun come up…but then dismayed to learn we were still 70 miles from Key West. And, we could still see Cuba. WTF! We pushed onward and at some point decided to motor because the winds were not going to get us anywhere fast. Finally, arrived at 8:00pm. It was a long day. But is was a good day, too.

Key West at the zero mile marker.
 Once returning from Cuba we had 24 hours to go to customs and get checked back into the country. 
Customs at the airport.

We breakfasted at Blue Heaven, of course.

Key lime pie at breakfast? Of course!
Love the chickens. Every restaurant should have them!

Key West has changed some. Duval street is pretty much the same and we enjoyed walking it. Unfortunately, Mallory Square hasn’t faired as well. We didn’t even recognize it. Two huge cruise ships and a brand new waterfront. What a shame. We had planned to stay another day but after the disappointing changes to Mallory Square we decided it was time to go home. 

Full moon our last night in Key West.

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