Want to see an incredible neighborhood covered in art? This is Fusterlandia. A Cuban artist, Jose Fuster, turned his home and eventually most of the neighborhood into an art gallery of sculptures, paintings and ceramic tile. 

As you can see, Fusterlandia (eastward) was not too far from the marina. About a half hour walk.

There are a number of artists in this area and they sort of work as a coop. Although, Fuster wasn’t present the day we went his art gallery was open. We fell in love with some paintings and other art. It’s easy to tell that his work is in demand by the prices. I would go again with deeper pockets.

After looking at so much art, one gets a little peckish. We asked and found a delicious seafood restaurant down the street. It wasn’t easy to find and we’re thankful to the locals along the way who helped us find our lunch.

Nice view from our table.

Sushi. Who knew?

Langostinos. Who knew?

The restaurant was named “Santí”.

We hadn’t realized just how close the restaurant was to the marina. As we were walking back we saw it across the way.

Who knew?


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