Rally with the Commodore

Flags are set!

Most of the boats in our rally group participated in a “Parade of Vessels” along the Malecon and El Morro Castle led by none other than Commodore Escrich of the famed Hemingway Yacht Club!

Leaving the marina.
Following other boats. Stay within the channel or you hit the reef!

Your truly and Miriam assisted Captain Tomas by taking the helm.


We traveled east toward Havana Harbor.

Everyone line up nicely, now. Maintain tight intervals.
Old Havana to the right. See the cruise ship? Havana is open for tourism!

We entered the harbor and traveled a short distance before turning around. As we turned around, El Morro, came into view.

El Morro, an old Spanish fort guarding the entrance to the harbor.
Pork, anyone?

After the parade, we were treated to a party of music, food and cocktails. This was a great way to meet many of the other sailors taking part.

The music was pretty good – an all female band!
We just couldn’t get enough of the sunsets.

Below is some video taken during the day.

All in all, it was a good day!


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