Cuba – How It All Began

On January 5, 2017:


The mad scramble began! First of all, we had to check with pet sitter – if pet sitter was not available then all was kaput. Pet sitter responded immediately – yes, available! Next, work time off. Lisa had been on the job less than a year but boss said that if you’ve got the time then you can take it. She had the time accrued! Passports! Got passports through UF passport office – highly recommend them – use them instead of Post Office. Paid extra to get them expedited. DHS was on top of things – got them quickly.

This was actually a Rally Cruise put on by Cruising World and Harmony Yacht Vacations:

Experience CUBA both from land and sea! Be part of history when 50+ vessels sail to the amazing Cuban port of Marina Hemingway.  The experience just gets started with unique people-to-people tours and projects to give you the opportunity to experience the famed city of Havana and the amazing countryside with optional tours to Vinales to see an actual working tobacco farm!  Also included is a “Parade of Vessels” along the Malecon and El Morro Castle led by none other than Commodore Escrich of the famed Hemingway Yacht Club!

We knew it to be the chance of a lifetime and could not pass it up!

Stay tuned for more about our trip!

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