…has not been too bad. I have been disconnected from Facebook and Twitter for over 24 hours. No shakes yet. Not sure if I will go back to Facebook. Facebook not implementing a fix for fake news because there was more conservative fake news than liberal and, therefore, would have been “unfair” has me pissed. Really, Zuckerberg? Fake news is fake news – your refusal to deal with it is part of my reason to avoid your platform.

Did you hear about this one? “An entire D.C. neighborhood was on lockdown Sunday because some dope with a gun believed a fake news story that wildly and wrongly linked a neighborhood pizzeria to a child sex ring.

Fake news has consequences beyond an election. Real people can get hurt. Just stop it with this shit news. It’s already done enough damage. PEOTUS, for god’s sake, has tweeted fake news. His Natl Sec nominee has tweeted fake news. Good gawd people!


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