The Rise of a Fascist State

First of all, let me once again thank you Trump voters for unleashing upon this country the worst threat to our democratic institutions since the Civil War.

Let’s start with Stephen Bannon  – the new chief policy strategist – a white supremacist neo-nazi – he’s in the White House. The KKK and the American Nazi Party has praised his hiring.

You know that “drain the swamp” cry? That was a fascist battle cry under Mussolini.

“Trains running on time”? Another one from Mussolini.

School bullying is up. Women wearing hajibs are terrorized. Journalists are threatened. Harassment has spiked since the election. Haters have been given permission to violate our basic rights.

The Massachusetts Attorney General has opened a harassment hotline because of harassment and intimidation of minority groups.

Paul Ryan has just declared, “Welcome to the dawn of a new unified Republican government”. This is unprecedented language. Paul Ryan has apparently been castrated and offered his allegiance to Herr Trump.

Trump is asking for security clearances for his kids who are supposed to be managing his business like a blind trust. Anyone see a conflict of interest here?

We’ve yet to see Trump’s tax returns – and we know why – he’s hiding something(s).

So, instead of enjoying life and working towards a rewarding retirement, I now have to organize and protest to preserve our democracy. And yes, still looking at real estate outside of this country. Preparation is key.

If you don’t get it yet, you’re not paying attention. We’re headed towards becoming an authoritarian state. History tells us these things happen very quickly.

Get on board or get out of my way.

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