The Vet School….Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Here is Boxer today – yes, he’s been admitted to the hospital. Current diagnosis is nephritis – he’s on continuous fluids and antibiotics to fight infection and rehydrate. He’ll spend his second night there as he tries to recover. We visited him yesterday and today and he looked so much better. He was also more alert and active. We took him outside for a short walk and pee/poop session. Eating is an issue – we’re thinking about hiring a personal canine chef to cook for him. I’m only half-kidding.

We had to order Boxer a “male wrap” as he was leaking urine. Place a human male depends pad in there and you have peace of mind that you won’t be washing the bed sheets the next morning. Boxer is also suffering from kidney disease in general, not just nephritis.

In an effort to get Boxer to eat we had also resorted to bringing the food to him if necessary. Spoiling him? No, not really. He’s has dementia and we must assist him in any way we can.

We’re hopeful Boxer will be well enough to come home tomorrow. Another blood test will let us know if his kidney function is improving. We just take it one day at a time. 
We’re at peace knowing he is in good hands at the UF Vet School. The staff there is terrific. Boxer even had bedside acupuncture today from his rehab doc. The Vet school has become the place where everyone knows Boxer’s name. He has so many visitors to love on him!
We’ll report back again soon with an update. Until then….ciao.

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