Downtime in St. Augustine

We’re enjoying some down time in St. Augustine. The house we’re staying in is close to one hundred years old and situated perfectly. It’s located in Lincolnville Historic District – “St. Augustine’s most prominent historically black neighborhood.” We are a 10-15 minute walk to downtown and the other more famous historic district.

The picture above was taken while dining at Caps restaurant. The food was good but the view was better. Earlier this evening we went to the famous O’Steens – known for their fried shrimp. Expecting a long wait we brought reading material – but had unknowingly timed it perfectly and had NO wait at all. The food was very good – I enjoyed my side dishes almost as much as my shrimp.

We’ve taken Peanut to the beach twice. This vacation is good for her, too. She gets our one-on-one attention. Hopefully, all these experiences will lessen her nuttiness.

The big dogs are at Bed ‘N Biscuit. Mila, the owner, called to assure us that Boxer and Sydney were doing well. She knew their mamas were having a hard time saying goodbye.

Yesterday, we found a used book store and purchased a few good reads. It’s now time for me to pick up my book and enjoy some quality quiet time.


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