Not Your Grandfather’s Warehouse – A Dining Review

In the most unlikely of places we were pleasantly surprised to find a delightful new restaurant in downtown Gainesville. The Warehouse Restaurant& Lounge is located at 502 South Main Street. In this converted auto shop you will be treated to some very good food and ambience. While it looks upscale on the inside dressing up is not necessary. We were dressed casually as were most of the other patrons.

Let’s get to the point. We started off with drinks. Mir enjoyed a nice glass of an Australian red and Lisa threw caution to the wind and ordered a Margarita.

We skipped appetizers because we noticed their dessert menu – cheesecake trumped calimari. Mir’s entree was the “Grilled Filet of beef topped with crumbled blue cheese, mushroom fondue and a side of seared yukon gold potatoes.” Lisa’s entree consisted of “Grilled flank steak and snowcrab mac n’cheese made with penne and tossed in a white cheddar bechamel with tender chunks of snowcrab.” Yummo! Our mouths are watering again as we type this. Mir said her filet was cooked to perfection. Lisa’s meal was so good she cleaned her plate which was problematic as room for dessert might have become an issue. Fear not, dear reader, we both shared a raspberry key lime cheesecake. OMG! What a gastronomical experience.

The owner, Richard Yoh, stopped by to chat and thank us for coming. We thanked him for opening up a lovely eatery on our side of town.

Check out The Warehouse website. Directions are on the front page. FYI: they do accept major credit cards except for Discover.

Our rating: two thumbs up! We’ll be back for sure. Why don’t you give it a try?

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