"There’s no such thing as a nine run home run…"

These are the words of a wise softball player.

It’s currently bottom of the 6th inning and it doesn’t look good for the Gators. Lawrie, the Washington pitcher, is on her game. She has received the benefit of some questionable outside calls – but the calls have been consistent and the Gator batters have to adjust. Right now the batters don’t know what’s coming down the pike and they’re swinging for the fences. Need to just get some base hits, score a few runs and build some confidence.

I don’t want to write off the Gators tonight, not after what I witnessed yesterday, but there’s no such thing as a walk off nine run home run. The Gators are going to need to have short memories and put this game behind them. I know I will. They need to come out and start fast tomorrow evening.

Oh my, the umpires have fallen asleep! At the end of the sixth they thought the game was over and left the field!? Heavens to mergatroid! I don’t want to be the head umpire trying to explain that one.

I’m going to stay up and watch the last three outs – I can’t abandon the team when they’re at a low point – so, good night and Go Gators!

One thought on “"There’s no such thing as a nine run home run…"

  1. G8rAlly June 2, 2009 / 2:43 AM

    We were just thinking the same thing….painful to watch. Maybe next game will be much better.

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