Gator Softball Wins!!!

Incredible! The Florida softball team defeated Alabama with a walk off grand slam today! I’m still excited!

The Gators have now put themselves in a good position. Had they lost they would have had to play a second game late tonight. Instead they can rest, relax and wait for either Washington or Georgia. Right now it’s not looking good for Georgia. Would be nice to have an all SEC championship series, though. Or would it? Hmmm…would Georgia’s familiarity with Stacey Nelson be a bad thing? And Washington really only has one pitcher – she is player of the year but she’s been throwing a lot of pitches today. I’m not sure which team would be the best choice to play Florida.

Except for one blowout game, the tournament has been really competitive and fun to watch.

So, I’m asking all my loyal readers to send their positive energy to the Gators in Oklahoma City! Next game: Monday at 8pm on ESPN. Go Gators!

PS. Georgia has now scored some runs. It’s anybody’s game at this point. I suspect I’ll be asleep before the end of the game. Good night.

One thought on “Gator Softball Wins!!!

  1. Andrew June 1, 2009 / 10:07 AM

    I watched the last inning. Saw the grand slam. Amazing! Go Lady Gators!

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