Another Weekend Here and Gone

Just wanted to share a picture of Miriam’s gardenia. It’s taken a little too late as you can see some blooms are browning – but it was loaded and beautiful for a day or two.

Mom had a yard sale yesterday. She lives in the Stephen Foster neighbohood but didn’t realize they were having a neighborhood wide yard sale extravaganza. Apparently, she did quite well. Unloaded a lot of stuff. I rode my bike over mid-morning to visit – had a very nice time – Katherine and Cliff were there and we had a lot of laughs sitting under some trees and enjoying the day.

Miriam came over later and we did lunch as the sale wound down. Afterwards, we went around and did errands – dog food, bird seed and a stop at Wards.

Today we go to Ocala – will take Peanut – she’s a great little traveler.

Oh, Friday we went to a concert. Every year the UF school of music has a Brazilian Music Institute week of master classes with Brazilian musicians – guitarists – and the week culminates in a concert. This is our third year going and it was fantastic. Next year, I am going to try to blog about it beforehand so that you, loyal readers, will have a heads up and maybe make it part of your day.

Gotta go.

One thought on “Another Weekend Here and Gone

  1. G8rAlly May 12, 2009 / 10:16 AM

    Yes, the Stephen Foster Neighborhood yard sale was very successful! We didn’t know your Mom is one of our neighbors! We will be looking for the Brazilian music concert next year. Sounds great.

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