McCain Wants to Suspend Campaign?

Methinks McCain is playing political games. I just read that McCain wants to suspend campaigning and postpone Friday’s debate so he can focus on the current historic financial crisis. He’s waiting on a response from the Obama camp as to whether they’ll agree. McCain is trying to play the statesman now.

I don’t think the debate should be postponed. Campaigning – yes, debate – no. The first debate on Friday, September 26 is covering the topics of foreign policy and national security – these are McCain’s strongest areas – at least that’s what he’s been saying this election cycle – so, it’s not like he has to cram for the questions.

We have just over one month until the election – I think we can all agree that this is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Taking a few hours to debate some important issues isn’t going to adversely affect the handling of the financial crisis.

Our country needs this debate, Mr. McCain.

If I was Obama, I would say yes to suspending the campaigning, but NO to postponing the debate.

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