Bridge to Nowhere…gag…more…

CNN headlines: “Biden, Obama helped keep ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ alive”

Here’s the thing that irritates me about politicians – they don’t get it. All congress people (Representatives and Senators) are always trying to get money for their states – everyone does it – some better than others – if you don’t bring money home to the state, your constituents are asking what you’re doing in Washington.

Here’s my irritation – in an earlier blog I talked about the “bridge to nowhere” – you’ll note that I didn’t question the merits of the bridge, I didn’t question if the money appropriated was too much or not enough…the entire point of my post was that Sarah Palin was lying when she said that she had not supported the bridge. Rightly or wrongly, she had supported it and then lied about it later. That’s the point I’m trying to make – and I wish the candidates would pursue it- they can all throw stones regarding earmarks, pork, graft, etc. Instead of talking about the amount of dollars that might have been spent on the bridge, Joe Biden should have been talking about Palin’s honesty and integrity when answering questions about her past positions.

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