A Draft is in Order

It’s time to get serious about our two wars and the troops who are fighting them. We Americans need to start contributing more than we have. This country is fighting TWO wars. Never in our nation’s history have we fought one war, much less two wars, and cut taxes at the same time. Our government is NUTS. Americans need to be contributing more to the war effort and need to be more affected by it.

Therefore, it is time to implement a wartime military draft. Our military is stressed to the max and needs relief. And those of you who voted for Mr. Bush the second time around need to stand up and accept your responsibility. If you are too old to join, then you should be encouraging your children to join. You may not have known what you were voting for in the year 2000, but you damn sure knew what you were voting for in 2004. There are no excuses.

Now get yourself or your kid to the nearest recruiting office. Waving a little Amercian flag doesn’t cut it with me – support our military by joining up. Oh, and by the way, I am a military veteran.

God bless America.

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