The End of 4/10

After two months of working 4/10s, I went back to a regular 8 hour workday today. Although, I loved having Friday off – I felt I was losing the other four days of the week.

With my guitar lessons starting up again from summer break and our neighborhood association meetings starting up again – the 4/10 just didn’t work. Getting home later, around 5:50pm for me, meant pushing back dinner, less time for the dogs, and being very tired by 8pm such that I didn’t want to do much of anything, not even play my guitar.

Last week I had a chance to see how working 7am to 3:30pm felt – and I liked it. I got home early and was able to have dinner almost ready by the time Mir got home. The dogs had more outside time and we were done with dinner before 7pm. We even took several walks last week after we ate. This is the kind of lifestyle I like.

So, I’m glad I had the chance to experiment with a different work schedule, but in the end, for me and my family, 4/10 is out and working the conventional five days is in.

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