When will Sarah Palin Meet the Press?

It’s been a few days since my last posting on this blog. I was waiting for Sarah Palin’s first real interview to take place – apparently, the McCain campaign is keeping her under tight wrap. Hmmm…methinks the campaign is afraid of what she might say in an unscripted moment. I also read recently that Charlie Gibson might have been given the first opportunity to conduct an interview – how Republican! Give the interview to one of your soldiers.

Ladies and gentleman, forgive the cliche, but Sarah Palin is literally a “heartbeat away from the Presidency”. John McCain is 72 – he likes to parade around his 95 year old mother – but everyone knows women live longer than men. Papa McCain died at age 70 of natural causes. So, if John McCain wins the election, there is a very real chance that he would die in office and Sarah Palin would be our next President.

So, to those of you supporting McCain – think very carefully about this election – if he wins, the odds are that Palin will become President. In your heart, is this really what you want?

As soon as Palin has her first real interview, check back here for my comments.

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