It’s Sunshine Sunday

The sun finally came out today. I took a picture to prove it.

We might still get some rain today. Yesterday, the rain was incredible – a deluge – and it came on fast – we saw the clouds and heard the thunder and knew we’d get some shortly – but 30 seconds later it was raining cats and dogs – it happened so fast – incredible.

Peanut and I went for a walk this mornning – still working on trying to get her to stop pulling – we use a gentle leader which helps a lot – but she still pulls. I could notice a slight improvement as we walked – but this little doggie is dense. I tried changing directions when she would pull and also tried stopping until she turned around and gave slack. But she really does not seem to get it. I’m still on board for a lobotomy. Sometimes, no, lots of times, I really do think she is a crack baby.

Mir had to work this morning – she should be home shortly. I went out and picked up Peanut’s “crazy pills” – okay, her medication – also got some poop bags and some pictures printed. I think it’s sometimes easier and maybe cheaper to have the professionals print the photos. Ink and photo paper are not cheap. Now, I’m home and boiling some eggs for a tuna salad I’m going to make.

The students are back. It’s so busy everywhere now. And next week is the start of football season here in Gator town. I hope they win – everyone is so much happier when they do.

Go Gators!

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