What a Weekend!

Good morning, readers! My, my, what a weekend. As you can tell by the posted picture someone is in the hospital – sorry, I had to black out the face due to privacy issues (HIPAA).

Mom had emergency surgery over the weekend. She’s doing great – when she put back in her earrings yesterday, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was out of there. Surgery was yesterday around 11am and She is scheduled to go home today. I was lucky enough to see the surgical site ( it was done laparoscopically) – kind of neat – they sutured from the inside and glued on the outside.

You’ll have to forgive the quality of the picture – it was taken with a camera phone. You do with what you’ve got.

Boxer is still scheduled for his neuro consult tomorrow. Stay tuned for the result of that.

I need to go feed the birds. Later.

2 thoughts on “What a Weekend!

  1. Anonymous August 22, 2008 / 5:58 PM

    The patient is better. Besides the earrings, the curling iron is out and the hair is looking much better. The patient is also feeling much better.. just moving a little slower. THanks MOM

  2. Lisa Pisa August 24, 2008 / 1:08 AM

    Thanks for posting a comment, mom. I knew I could count on you!

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