Boxer’s Recheck Goes Well…

We took Boxer in for a recheck this morning. The stitches were removed and he was given a clean bill of health…except for the shaking in his back legs. So, we’ve made an appointment on Monday for him to have neuro consult. We’re not sure if it’s neurological or orthopedic – so, this consult might shed some light on what’s going on. Once we get Boxer squared away – it’s Sydney’s turn to get her teeth cleaned. We are pondering the idea of setting up a foundation for all of the dogs so that our loyal readers might contribute a few pesos here and there in order to help us to continue to provide the excellent medical care necessary for these wonderful animals.

I’m (Lisa) sitting here on the deck under the umbrella – Boxer and Sydney felt it was too hot and requested to go inside. I suppose I would also be too hot if I was wearing a fur coat. I’ll give them a little more time to be free before I lock them up and let out the Pea dog. I’m taking it easy today – doing very little house work – trying to learn how to relax a little and not be compelled to clean, clean, clean.

Took Mir to lunch. You can tell the students are back. We’ll be avoiding the Archer road area for a while.

I’m gonna surf the web a little. Peace.

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