Florida’s Authoritarian Governor

Well, folks, the great democratic experiment is apparently coming to an end. And Florida leads the way.

Ron DeSantis, our current Governor, has exhibited authoritarian tendencies in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

Controversial policies: DeSantis has implemented policies that are authoritarian or anti-democratic. For example, he signed a law that imposes strict penalties on protesters, which violates the First Amendment rights of citizens. He has also signed legislation that restricts voting access, including limits on mail-in voting and drop boxes, which is an attempt to suppress the vote.

Executive overreach: DeSantis has used his executive power to bypass democratic processes and push through controversial policies. For example, he has appointed judges with little vetting, including one who was deemed unqualified by a judicial committee. He has also used his emergency powers to make unilateral decisions, such as banning local governments from imposing mask mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opposition to the media: DeSantis has repeatedly clashed with the media and has tried to control the narrative around his administration. He has denied access to journalists who ask critical questions, and has used his platform to promote conservative media outlets that support him.

And let’s not forget rounding up immigrants in a DIFFERENT state and using Florida money to transport these unfortunate people to other states. CRUELTY is a feature of DeSantis and the GOP at large.

The good news is: authoritarian depots eventually get overthrown – and it ain’t pretty. Remember that, Ronnie boy.

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