Thoughts of the day…

To recap, we spend over $2 trillion on an unwinnable war in a country that fell the instant we left but we “can’t afford” to protect Americans from death by giving them affordable health care.

The median member of Congress is a millionaire, which seems important given that they’ve spent decades cutting taxes for millionaires. I’d say maybe this is a conflict of interest but the people who’d need to change this are … in Congress.

If politicians were actually concerned about “fiscal responsibility” they would raise the minimum wage so that we could stop subsidizing the poverty wages of Wal-Mart and Amazon.

Incentive system for… …politicians is to sell out their voters for corporations …corporations is to sell out customers and employees for investors …investors is to squeeze corporations to put short-term profits and growth over humanity See the problem?

Billionaires control nearly a third of all American wealth and pay a lower tax rate than pretty much everyone else Pretty weird hearing politicians saying we can’t afford stuff without including this minor detail.

~Dan Price, for info on what he did for his employees see

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