Let’s Be Mindful of the Facts

Biden won the election. Trump lost.

Several GOP states determined the order of counting the votes by not allowing mail-votes to be counted until Election Day. This was by design – make it appear early that Trump was winning. Then cry foul when ALL the votes are counted.

In his efforts to disenfranchise millions of legal voters and, many of those black voters, Trump has lost virtually every legal challenge. Outside of court Trump and the GOP cried foul and fraud. In court, in front of a judge, where perjury and license censure became possible, Trump’s lawyers explicitly said “no fraud”. This is grifter’s show. Trump is laughing all the way to the bank. And you, Trump voters, have enabled him.

We have seen before our eyes an attempted coup. Literally. Had it not been for an independent judiciary, Trump and the GOP would have toppled our democracy in their quest for money and power.

Unfortunately, this is not over. The GOP is a threat to our democracy. Believe what you see.

This is not hyperbole.

To Trumpers everywhere – Trump has shown you who he is. The burning question: who are you loyal to? The United States Constitution and democracy or Donald Trump?


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