Suggested Podcasts

Some of my favorite podcasts right now are mostly political in nature. With T**** in office still, the shit show continues and it helps to listen to sane voices. One of my new favorites is The Bulwark Podcast. It’s hosted by Charlie Sykes and is, wait for it, a conservative podcast. Charlie is the kind of conservative that existed before the current GOP kowtowed to T**** and authoritarianism. He and his guests have a lot of insight from the old style Republican point of view.

Another podcast I’ve been enjoying is Battleground with David Plouffe & Steve Schmidt. David Plouffe is a Democrat and Steve Schmidt is a Republican and they’ve joined forces to create an interesting podcast with different points of view but with a similar moral core.

The last one I’ll mention today is a partisan podcast – but I just like the guys – Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor. This one is called Pod Save America.

I’ve got a ton of non-political podcasts that I enjoy but I’ll save those for another day.


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