For My Pro-Life Friends Who Still Support Trump

As a loyal reader, you know my thoughts on religion, particularly, organized religion. I support everyone being able to have their faith. I don’t support forcing me to live under the beliefs of that faith.

So, many evangelicals, particularly white evangelicals continue to support Trump because he’s “pro-life”. Of course, he’s not. But he knows to get those critical votes he’s going to claim pro-life.

The video below is from an evangelical pastor who lays out the reasons why any evangelical christian should NOT vote for Trump. He doesn’t say who to vote for – just says NOT FOR TRUMP.

Although, I still believe that a woman must have the power to control her own body, I respect his very well thought out argument. It’s a shame more christians aren’t like him.

The video is long – over an hour. I listened to every second of it and it was well worth my time. I hope you will watch and listen.


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