84,000 0r 109,000…

Had the abomination in the White House properly handled the pandemic we would have had death rates similar to the EU or Canada. That means that anywhere from 84,000 to 109,000 people would NOT have DIED.

Trump didn’t “downplay” the virus – he outright lied about it. And trust me, this wasn’t about keeping people calm because, god knows, Trump likes to stir the pot – he likes to incite violence – no, my friends, this was about the economy and thinking he could control it so he would be re-elected. Remember it is ALWAYS about Trump. Period.

Had he handled the pandemic properly, we wouldn’t have had to suffer the depths of the recession/depression that we are now experiencing. There is no one who believes that we would not have suffered some kind of economic setback – BUT it didn’t have to be this bad. It just didn’t.

This evil person needs to be removed from office. To Trumpers everywhere: when will you understand that he doesn’t give a SHIT about YOU. And neither does the GOP – which has protected him in all of his crimes and continues to allow him to violate the norms and laws of this country.

Hey, you “pro-lifers”: you’re really about anti-abortion not pro-life. Otherwise, tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths would outrage you…but you’re not outraged are you? Yep, caught you in your lie. I know what you are.

This next election is about democracy or autocracy – vote carefully.


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