There is no leadership at the top in this country. Listening to the so-called president makes me want to puke. It’s mind boggling what a abject moron he is. Utterly incompetent.

This is what I saw at the grocery store because of lack of leadership.

The rice aisle
The pasta aisle
The water aisle

I remember the asshole republicans wondering if we’d survive an Obama presidency. Well, I wonder if we’ll survive a Trump presidency. I don’t know that we’ve had a more inept leader in the history of this nation. He’s brought the cockroaches out from underneath the cupboards and filled the important government positions including the judiciary with them.

So, a special message to you Trumpers. You know who you are. I know who you are. Do us all a favor this year and vote for Biden. This isn’t a game. You know what Trump is. And frankly, if you support this abomination, I don’t think I’ll want to be around you.


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