Politics…Yes, I’ll Go There

Super Tuesday is coming up.

Who am I voting for? Let’s just say that I will NOT be voting for a white male in the upcoming primary. White males have ruled this country since its inception. Here’s looking at you Bernie and Joe. Your time has come and gone. Get out of the way. So, readers if you’re unhappy with the state of things then stop the fuck voting for these assholes. Old white men are responsible for the state of things because they have been in charge.

You women out there – start supporting women candidates.

We have power when we vote. Why do you think the GOP has spent so much money and effort to disenfranchise people of color and young people? Because voting is powerful. They know it.

So, vote wisely. You want a better country? Vote anything but the GOP. If you continue to vote GOP then you’re also part of the problem. Stay home next time. Seriously.


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