Peanut on the Mend

On July 20, 2019 Peanut ruptured her left cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). We were able to get her assessed a few days later by Pea’s primary. It was confirmed, Pea had blown out her knee and would most likely require surgery to repair her injury.

We consulted with a specialty surgeon who gave us Peanut’s options and after receiving a very comprehensive evaluation- we committed to surgery. Although, Pea’s 13 years old she’s in good health and we felt the procedure was warranted so she could enjoy the remainder of the time she has left. If you know anything about the “Nutter” then you know that to describe her as active is an understatement.

The procedure she had is called a Left CORA Based Leveling Osteotomy (CBLO). Yep, it’s a mouth full. She came through the surgery well and from all indications, appears to be recovering well. We did receive a 15 week protocol for post op therapy. Yes, it’s going to take several months to get her back on track.

Shorty after surgery.
She received a plate and screws and some nylon.
She was fitted with a special halter that allows us to control and assist her movement.
She spends a lot time resting. She’s only allowed a few minutes of exercise at a time.
She’s a sweetheart.

As Pea’s dutiful caregiver, I was able to work from home her first week back so she didn’t have to be confined to a crate or wear the cone of shame all day. She’s been good about resting and not licking her wound. We just need to get through another week and she should be off cone restrictions soon.

We’ll post some periodic updates on her progress. Please keep Peanut in your thoughts…


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