Test Drive

I decided I just wanted to sit in it to determine if the seating was comfortable. Of course, a salesman wants me to drive it and, hopefully, buy it. So, I drove it…but didn’t buy it.

It was the RF. Meh.
Scarlett still looks pretty damn good.

I really wanted to drive a non-RF 2019 Miata with manual transmission. But they’re kind of hard to find around here and in the surrounding area. Sure can find a bunch of automatics…but why? This one I drove had the paddle shifters that the salesman tried to talk up knowing I wanted manual. Really? What a joke. Absolute nonsense.

I do like the upgrades in the 2019 model. And if it wasn’t for the fact that mine is practically paid for I might seriously consider it. For now, I’ll drive Scarlett and enjoy no more payments…until the next time.


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