What happened?

I had put a hamburger in my relatively new Breville oven and walked away…about 10 minutes later I hear an odd loud sound. What the hell? I went towards the sound and saw this:

What the fuck!

We’d been looking to buy this oven for a few years – the Cranberry Red to be specific. The only place we could find it was Williams-Sonoma – and it was kind of expensive. So, on this past black Friday it was discounted 40%! SALE!! We swooped it up!

After I saw the shattered glass, I immediately called Breville and explained what had happened and they were very nice and indicated they would send me a replacement and to send back this one. I verified that they were going to send the Cranberry Red. She looked up inventory and said, yes, they’ve got it in stock. I should receive and email within 24 hours indicating that it has been shipped.

You know where this is going, right? No shipment email. I ended having to call back several times. Breville’s customer service hours are horrible. After two weeks I finally talked to someone who was able to tell me that they didn’t have any Cranberry Red ovens in stock and wouldn’t until March. WTF! I told her that the original rep had checked inventory and assured me they had them in stock. This rep said that she shouldn’t have promised it in case there were orders in front of mine. Keep in mind that Breville charged me $140 until they received my broken unit.

So, I checked the Williams-Sonoma web site and they had the Cranberry Red in stock! I filled out a contact form on their site. I got a very quick reply that they would immediately send me a new unit and to send the old one back in the same box. They emailed me a return label at no charge to me. I called Breville to cancel everything – and yes, they refunded the $140 they had charged. From then on everything went exactly as Williams-Sonoma said it would. I will be a loyal customer. And I will avoid Breville customer service like the plague.

By the way, I love the oven and have used it many, many times. Hopefully, the shattering of the glass was an anomaly and I will have many years of satisfied service.


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