How much should you weigh?

People often ask me “how much should I weigh” – wanting me to provide them with a specific weight in pounds or kilos.

While I can give people a ball-park figure based on their height and weight, how much we should weigh is when our waist circumference is half our height. At this weight, we have the lowest risk of heart attack and stroke (cardiovascular disease) and the lowest amount of Years of Life Lost.

Health is not a number on the scale.  It’s the measurement of the amount of fat in our abdomen, around our liver, kidneys, pancreas and heart.

As you, dear reader, know I have a special interest in nutrition and health. The above quote is from a blog article that I read written by a Canadian registered dietitian Joy Kiddie.

What is a healthy waist circumference? Half your height. If your height is 64 inches then your waist circumference should be 32 inches or less. I strongly encourage you to read Joy’s article for the science behind this. BMI is not helpful in determining future cardiac events and life span but waist circumference is. So, stop weighing yourself and start measuring your waist.

You all know I’m a proponent of low carb. Why? Because it works. Metabolic health is improved on a low carb lifestyle EVEN in the absence of weight loss.

Look around you. The dietary guidelines have failed. Eat less and exercise more DOES NOT WORK. Reject low fat high carb and embrace low carb high fat. Your life will thank you.


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