Happy Birthday MBP!

My Mac Book Pro is now over 6 years old. It was manufactured on June 18, 2012. I purchased it in September 2012. It was the first MPB with Retina and the first MBP I’ve owned.

It runs as well today as it did 6 years ago. The only change I made to it was a couple of years ago I updated the SSD to 1 TB. I had originally purchased it with a 256 GB SSD. Silly me – I was thinking I would just use an external drive to maintain my data. Then I found out what a pain in the ass it was to always need to carry a drive with me.

So, I ordered a new 1 TB SSD from OWC at https://www.macsales.com and installed it myself. Piece of cake.

As I said, my MBP runs beautifully for an old machine! Actually, it just runs well, period! This is the reason I bought it. Previously, I was a PC user. But it seemed that every PC or laptop I bought would have issues. And, let’s be clear – I bought “top of the line” or so I thought. It was so frustrating to deal with Dell or Microsoft to resolve an issue. And with my MBP? Well, I haven’t had any issues – in 6 years – no issues. But I do know, that if I were to have issues – I’d just take it to the Apple store. So, people say Apple products are expensive – well, when you factor in longevity – they’re not expensive after all.

Currently, the only “maintenance ” I need to do is to install a new battery. After 6 years and many cycles, it’s useful life is about over. Nothing to complain about there.

Having said all that, I am looking forward to seeing what Apple does for the next MBP. Mine is currently a 15″. I think I really want to go down to a 13″. My spouse has a 13″ Mac Book Air and I love the size. I also would like Apple to make a MPB that utilizes 32 GB of RAM. I program using XCode and use Parallels to run Windows. I also do some music and video editing. So, I’m hoping for a significant upgrade that I can enjoy and use the next 6 years – and if it happens I will be in the market to purchase one.


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