PUBG Rules…

…at least for now. I play on my iPad. Fortnite is also another iPad game I’ve enjoyed. In fact, I played Fortnite first and really enjoyed it. Then I read an article about PUBG and why players might enjoy it more than Fortnite. PUBG stands for “Players Unknown Battle Ground.”

PUBG is more realistic and not so much fantasy. It’s a tad more graphic but not by much. I think it was the ability to low crawl that brought back memories of basic training. Also, some vehicles are drive-able.

Anyway, I’ve been playing PUBG for a month or so and have gotten down to two or three players remaining but never won until a few minutes ago. I think another thing about this game is your strategy and skill is important. It’s a game that is winnable.

So, if you wanna play some time…


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