Prepping for the Week

I usually like to prepare some food for the week. It makes it so much easier to put a meal on the table.

Don’t judge – I usually end up throwing out fresh herbs because I can’t use them all – these last so much longer!

I like to use grass fed beef and lamb for my burgers!

These babies will be smashed into patties.

And dinner for the week is ready!

These get put in the freezer. So easy and tasty.

I like to keep breakfast during the weekdays as simple as possible. So, occasionally I will create my “breakfast muffins”. They heat up so quick and easy and are really delicious.

I brown the pan sausage – I usually get mine from Wards.
I like to use cheddar – also acquired from Wards.
A dozen eggs along with the other ingredients will yield about 14 muffins.
The final muffins! These will go in the fridge and we’ll eat until gone.

So, folks, that’s how I try to keep it simple. Of course, this is just one week. We’ll eat other foods – pork belly, ribeye, etc. along with some veggies like spinach or broccoli. We’ll mix it up. There are lots of other foods – we just try to keep it low carb.

Thanks for viewing – see you next time!



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