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Who Are the Criminals?


Prison Sentences Issued Under Democratic Presidents, 1968 to 2018: 1

Prison Sentences Issued Under Republican Presidents, 1968 to 2018: 34

Hmmm…the evidence indicates that Republicans have much greater difficulty adhering to laws.

I can’t imagine what the numbers are going to look like for the current administration. We’re essentially talking treason. So, Trumpers, are you REALLY okay with this?

I recently completed a 7 Habits (Stephen Covey) training class and one of the ideas struck me. There are two different modes of thought.

“The more you get, the less there is for me.”

“There’s more than enough for everyone.”

The first statement represents the Republican mindset.

The latter represents the Democratic mindset.



I’m a Democrat. I’m an application developer. I enjoy strumming a guitar and reading a good book. I have a special interest in nutrition. If you support Trump stay out of my life.

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