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Questions to Republican Voters

Do you now or will you  in the future depend in some way on Social Security and Medicare in your retirement years? I suspect your answer is yes.

Why do you vote for a party that wants to destroy Social Security?

Why do you vote for a party that wants to destroy Medicare?

Why do you vote for a party whose main objective is to destroy our social safety net?

Government isn’t perfect – never was and never will be. But the wealth of this country has been built on the backs of the middle and lower classes. We deserve to live a decent life and have a decent retirement. The rich are already rich. They have enough. But will you?

If you vote Republican again in the 2018 elections you can count me out of your life. I’m done with your hate. I’m done with your ugliness. I’m done with your stupidity. I know who and what you are. I’m just done. Self-care dictates that I discard you from my life so I can focus forward.



I’m progressive but don’t support Bernie. Anyone who voted against the Magnitsky Act, hired Tad Devine to disrupt the Democratic party is a Russian agent - looking at you Bernie. I’m an application developer. I enjoy plucking the strings of a classical guitar and reading a good book. I have a special interest in nutrition. Pro tip: it’s the refined carbs, stupid. If you support Trump - fuck you - and go to hell.

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