3rd Annual Bubbly Tasting

The much anticipated 3rd Annual Bubbly Tasting took place this past weekend in St. Augustine at the bed and breakfast known as TNT. 

Each attendee was tasked with bringing a bottle of BRUT sparkling wine or a true champagne. 

Glasses prepared for the tasting.

As with any tasting, delicious hors d’oeuvres and other tasty treats were provided. Our hosts went above and beyond to make this tasting an incredible event.

Mmmm…tasty sweet treats…goodbye low carb for today.
Food on board crucial to controlling drunkenness!

After a sufficient amount of sustenance was on board the tasting began. Our host dutifully and carefully poured and distributed the bubbly. We dutifully and carefully tasted and scored.

Such a steady hand!

Not too drunk to score – hehe.

At the end of the evening, the bottles were empty, the scores were tallied and the winner proclaimed.

Yes, we’re serious about being blinded. Covers were off now.
And scoring was serious business!

Because the scoring was done in four different flights we can’t really have an overall winner but we do have a flight winner with the overall best score.

Well folks, another tasting has been enjoyed. We await next year’s call to bottles!


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