The Search Begins

In the aftermath of the election, we have decided to be pro-active about our future and ready for any surprises. We are acquiring passports and have contacted an immigration law firm to assist us should we feel the necessity to move out of this country. Given the election, we fully expect the Supreme Court to shift rightward and if that should happen there is every possibility that our marriage will be declared invalid. Our guess would be the Court would send the matter back to the states and we all know how progressive Florida is. We also expect other protections to be removed. Take a look at what Pence did in Indiana. This is all for real folks. If our marriage is invalidated, we will no longer stay in a country where we are marginalized. We are tired and weary of fighting for our rights.

To you who cast your vote for Trump (and Pence) – shame on you. You’ve shown us who you are. You shown how little you regard others who are different from you. We know that you support racism and misogyny because that is what Trump represents. The names tossed out for certain positions in the new administration are scary – my chest tightens at some of these names. The transition team tells us what we need to know. And, as Trump was never going to govern he is leaving that up to an anti-gay, anti-science, right wing religious nut. Thanks for voting for the destruction of our country.

There is nothing more to say to you. Just leave us alone, please.

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