Sydney’s Home

Sydney resting comfortably a few minutes after returning home.

We’ve had better weeks than this…and we’ve had worse. This is life.

Lisa noticed some odd behavior from Sydney Monday at lunch and decided to work from home the rest of the day in order to keep an eye her. Sydney was lethargic, not interested in food and seemed to be getting weak. Miriam took a look when she came home from work – saw that Sydney was pale and decided we needed to get her in to the ER – something was not right.

An ultrasound revealed a splenic mass and internal bleeding. The ER doc indicated a strong possibility of hemangiosarcoma – an aggressive and deadly cancer. She spent the night and received two blood transfusions as her red blood count was low. She also underwent several other diagnostic procedures to rule out any obvious metastasis. All came back clear.

So, Tuesday afternoon she had a splenectomy to remove her spleen and its associated mass. While in there they did see a nodule on her liver but it was too dangerous to excise. So, we don’t have any idea what it is.
We’re waiting to get back the pathology report that will tell us if the splenic mass was a hemangiosarcoma. Unfortunately, all indications seem to suggest that it is. But there’s a small chance it’s not.
We’re hoping that small chance comes our way.

To read more about this: National Canine Cancer Foundation

Stay tuned.


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