Hello Vacation….Uh, Goodbye Vacation

Friends, we had such hopes for our vacation in Fort Myers Beach. It was going to be lovely. We were going to enjoy walks on the beach and sunsets.

Enjoying a walk to the end of our beach area.

Our end of the beach was calm and quiet. Very relaxing – the way it should be.

View from our balcony.

 The birds were so much fun to watch. Glad to see their protection is important.

Lots of birds – fun to watch.

 I just loved the pelicans perching in the trees! Fantastic!

Something about pelicans perched on the trees…

 Emma and Miriam enjoying the sunset. This is what it’s all about!

Emma and Miriam enjoying an evening of sunset watching.

Thank you, Lee County, for the warning. I will definitely shuffle my feet!

Do as the sign says…

 Need I say more?

There’s something about the beach…

These first two days were a wonderful beginning to a week in paradise. Then….

…Peanut decided that she wasn’t suited to be kenneled away from home. Yesterday morning we received communication that she had tried to climb, chew and claw her way out. Another night of this and who knows if she would still be with us. So, off to the airport to rent a car. Drove home in record time and rescued poor Peanut from her self destructiveness. As always, the UF Vet school was very accommodating and saw Peanut this morning. We now have her on some meds to heal infection and help with pain. As soon as she is feeling better, we will determine the specific dental work needed to fix her broken teeth. Never again will she be kenneled anywhere other than home. Game and match to Peanut.

Now, I’m tired and going to bed.


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