Boxer Post Surgery

Bobo on his bed.

Boxer has been home a few days now after his surgery. He’s doing so much better than before. His breathing is fantastic. For those of you who don’t know, Boxer suffers from laryngeal paralysis. Here is a description from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons:

The opening to the trachea (“wind pipe”) normally is pulled open on two sides when breathing in, and then these cartilages relax when breathing out.  With laryngeal paralysis, the muscles that normally pull these open do not function properly.  When an affected dog breathes in, the cartilages do not pull open—rather, they are sucked into the opening, or in severe cases sucked shut.  Early in the condition, this creates increased noise when they breathe (called “stridor”); later, it can completely obstruct their airway, and they can suffocate.

Interestingly, this disease is part of a progressive generalized neuropathy. There is some excellent information on this GOLPP study site at Michigan State University.

I love my couch.

 One of Boxer’s favorite places to relax is on the couch. What a beautiful boy!

I also like my bed.

We recently bought Boxer a new bed and he immediately took to it. We were thankful because we never know what he’s going to like or dislike. It has memory foam and we hope it will help with his arthritis.

The weather was beautiful today – shorts and sandals! This is Boxer today reposing on the deck enjoying the warmth. He’s looking like an old boy – a sweet ole boy.

A special thank you to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine! Thank you, Dr. Ellison and everyone at the vet school!

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