Too Good to Eat?

We’ll know tomorrow.

We’re hosting our monthly crime watch meeting tomorrow and usually like to offer some sort of finger food and beverage. So, it’s gonna be banana bread and coffee. I was much more organized this evening – maybe because dinner was already cooked yesterday and I didn’t have to worry about preparing it or cleaning up afterwards.

Mmmmmmm…I wish you could smell this! It’s tempting to sample a slice – just to make sure it’s edible – but I mustn’t. A good hostess doesn’t eat the food before her guests arrive. I can wait until tomorrow – really, I can. And I will.

One thought on “Too Good to Eat?

  1. G8rAlly December 10, 2009 / 10:50 PM

    Mmmm, looks delish! I may make some tonight. I see you cook as I do: with all of your ingredients pre-measured into the “Martha Stewart bowls!”
    P.S. Should I be worried that my word verification is “mytivain?”

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