On The Ride Again…

We’ve been attempting to bump up our exercise – at our age it’s important to keep the joints moving. Cycling seems to be a good fit. It’s less jarring on the joints and the scenery can be beautiful. Our “horses” are a couple of mountain bikes fitted with street tires. One bike is about 15 years old and the other 6. Believe it or not, they both ride like the wind.

Lately, when riding the trail we’ve driven (yes, we’re still lightweights) to the halfway point and ridden towards Hawthorne. Today we decided to turn west and ride towards Boulware Springs. It had been a awhile since we’d seen the sites. Started late – didn’t begin riding until after 10:30am. Slept in. Stayed up late watching some good college football. Thankfully, it was mostly overcast and cool during the ride.

A ride on the Hawthorne trail is not complete without a stop to view the gorgeous prairie. Those who ride this trail know the view well. We thought we might have seen some bison out there but couldn’t be sure without binoculars.

This creek reminds me of the Louisiana bayou.

All in all, we had a good ride. We spent the calories burned at Ivey’s with a delicious late breakfast.

Later gators.

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