Brother, Can You Spare a Tire?

We’ve had the RAV4 since 1997 and today experienced our first flat tire. Technically, it’s not flat yet – but it will be by morning. It appears we ran over a screw – it’s stuck right smack in the middle of the tread.

30 minutes and one big hernia later we had loosened the lug nuts. The few extra pounds I’ve gained helped enormously on that last stubborn nut. I placed my foot on the lug tool, gently bounced up and down and slowly the nut turned.

Then the rain came. We decided to suspend tire changing operations until tomorrow morning – partly due to the rain but also due to Miriam exhausting herself getting the darn nuts off.
Stay tuned tomorrow when we attempt to answer the question, “How do we remove the jack that’s attached to the floor board underneath the front seat? Where’s the owner’s manual?”

One thought on “Brother, Can You Spare a Tire?

  1. Anonymous July 15, 2009 / 2:26 PM

    It sure is easy to pick up the telephone and call AAA when you have a flat tire or lockout. I feel one call is worth the years fee to be a member, especially the times I have needed three tows in a four day period. Also know as MOM>

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