A Saturday in May

Our dogs are like our kids – this means we talk about them too much and have too many pictures! But we sure do love them. Boxer and Sydney below.

We finally purchased a cistern – just placed it this morning and without being hooked up it already has two inches of water!

Peanut loves to play fetch!

Got up at aout 7am and fed the dogs. Stayed up and had some cereal and coffee, fed the birds and then played a bit of guitar on the deck. Miriam finally joined me at about 8:30. We did a bit of running around today – took a comforter to S&S for final cleaning before being put up until next winter. Went to Home Depot to get the cistern. Had lunch at Ivey’s. Bought dog food at Earth Pets. Browsed around Tractor Supply and then over to Paddiwack. Stopped at Uppercrust to get some bread and a raspberry creme cheese rose pastry – yummo.

Came home and let the big dogs out. Then let the little one out. I’m blogging and Mir is watching baseball. It’s raining and thundering. Peanut is sitting and gazing out the door wishing there was a squirrel to chase. What a nice day!

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