The Haunted House

Ahhh, Halloween gone again so quickly. We had a successful Halloween last night. The triumvirate was out (us, Tom and Nicole, Rob and Angie). We broke our record for trick or treaters – gave out 86 bags of candy and one to a homeless person. That’s 20 more than last year. In fact, I had to bag more candy during the evening to keep up with demand.

The mix of kids was good – old and young. One mother said this was the third year she has brought her kids here – she loved the yard – we found out from our neighbors that we are known as “The Haunted House”. There was one young boy, dressed as spiderman, who wouldn’t come up to the door. He said, “I’m scared. Can’t you just throw the candy?” And Miriam did. Between runs we chatted with our neighbors. We also had some visitors – Pam and Angie came by with their new family addition “Spook Doggie Dog” – a new puppy! He was precious.

After the closing down the attraction, we visited over at Tom and Nicole’s – they were having their annual Halloween party. Drank some good apple cider – made with Apply Brandy – I’m writing this down so I can remember to purchase it next time I stop by to pick Bailey’s. It was delicious. Had a neat graveyard chocolate cake with tombstones and body parts.

All in all, a successful and scary Halloween. Til next year – adieu.

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